UK Covid-19 Timelines

It includes key restrictions on relevant activity, such as holding weddings or household mixing, and traveling (within, and outside, the four nations of the UK). We also recorded other restrictions, such as school closures and “stay at home” orders, which may have made it harder for those at risk to access help and support, or for those with safeguarding responsibilities to spot signs of risk. For context, we have also included some other information, for instance about case rates. Thus, this is not a comprehensive list of all relevant, Covid-related events or restrictions. It does not include everything we found which might be relevant for forced marriage risk, just what seemed most important for inclusion on a useable and informative timeline.

This said, we hope it gives a sense of the potential impact of Covid-19 on people already experiencing, or at risk of, a forced marriage.

It may also be useful to other researchers and people interested in the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, as the restrictions and events recorded impacted the whole community.

*Click on the links below to access each region’s timeline.

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