Honour-Based Abuse in the UK: What Data? What Happens?

The importance of evidence-based policy is well-recognised. Without evidence, how can people plan policies that will have the desired outcome? An essential requirement for evidence is good data. A lack of good data on Honour-Based Abuse in the UK means that policy is not currently robustly evidence-based. There is no way of knowing, therefore, ifContinue reading “Honour-Based Abuse in the UK: What Data? What Happens?”

Forced Marriage Research Projects Blog

Forced Marriage, International Travel, and Quarantine. As Covid-19 restrictions are eased in England, a new set of travel restrictions have come into place, including the need to quarantine in a government-approved hotel on arrival in the UK from a “red-list” country. Currently, many countries which regularly feature as “focus countries” for the forced marriage unitContinue reading “Forced Marriage Research Projects Blog”